"the weather is nice and the music is good"
"simple pleasures"

new glasses 

mino is now my inspiration when buying glasses, i thought of him before buying it lol what do you think?

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thank you love


Hello I hope you don't mind this,but can you please tell your followers that im trading this url im actually doing this,because I hope a great seunghoon stan will get this url ^^

Hey its okay i don’t mind. Got it followers? if you like this url then contact this person!

"We’ll do our best to meet everyone in Japan in the near future!"

no, THANK YOU james!


As a recent graduate, I can confirm this.

I said ooh jiltuhage haji mayo
Ooh jiltuhage haji mayo

Honestly Seungri…..

selfcams + dumb sh*t team b say and do (=__=;;)

he has a way with words.

How Mino gets his girl’s hyung’s attention

aon performance of just another boy vs ygfamilyconcert performance of just another boy (winner)
✖ Anonymous

I’m sorry but can you ask me another question because most fan sites don’t really allow gif-ing their vides