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kyungdose asked: “200% or Melted”

I liked how cute and happy 200% is but melted is something else it really touched my heart because it talks about an actual problem in society, it was like a short movie & the ending was happy i give this mv a 1000/100

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anon asked: “Seungyoon or zico”

seungyoon caught my attention ever since he appeared on superstar k, I never saw a teenage boy(at that time) with a deep voice as his or is as determined as seungyoon. I love how even though he already debuted he made his best to debut with his team and kept training although he was already an artist

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"If the ice melts, a warmer song would have come out
But why is the ice so cold? Why is it so cold?
Why are they so cold
Why are they so cold
The blue ocean that the red sun used to wash its face
I look at the past warmth that is deeply buried (too late get it out)
I wish the cold in the world of adults would be gone too
I wish the frozen love will melt away now” ✲゚


fangirl Haru again…[x]

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Send me two kpop idols/groups/mvs/anything and I’ll tell you through a gifset which one I prefer!

I wish this coldness in the world of adults would subside as well

The blue ocean the red sun used to wash its face with has turned black
The white sky, the clouds, the rain, and the wind turn gray
I leave behind the darkness that found its way to my heart


Taehyun ~ H for Hair

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