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Woo brothers reminiscing the good old time when Jiseok punched Jiho 
in the face for stealing his chicken serves him right
smooth maknae

cameraman seungri filming the adorkable yg family.

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url: 69withmino
name: hessa
nickname: hesus (lol) but you can call me hessa my name is short enough
birthday: 1st of january “NEW YEAR BABY” /my 2nd grade teacher called me that/
gender: female
sexuality: korean celebrities
height: 170cm
time zone: gmt +4
what time and date is it: 10:00 pm, 1st of september
average hours of sleep: 8
otps: nyongtory, minwoo, minyoon, minhoon, kangnam, jinyoon
last thing i googles: drama with eng subs
first word that comes to mind: myself
last thing i said to a family member: its expensive 
one place that makes me happy and why: bedroom, cuz my bed is there
how many blankets do i sleep under: two but when my room is hot one
favorite beverage: coffee
last movie i watched in the theaters: the fault in our stars, its about time i went again but no good movies
3 things i cant live without: food, wifi, friends
something i plan on learning: languages, i love learning languages 
a piece of advice for my followers:  give your friend blood & money, never justify yourself. your enemies won’t believe you and your friends won’t need it - Arabic proverb

you must listen to this song: thisnot my favorite but very cheerful

I’m not tagging anyone since everyone i know did it but if you didnt feel free to do so 

"the weather is nice and the music is good"
"simple pleasures"


Have → Taehyun Launching Ed.

Want → SeungHoon Launching Ed.

I’m from Italy and ship worldwide. Contact me here or at one of the accounts above. I also have Kakao and Line @afterdark88

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Just some really basic information about WINNER for new Incles.


Imma go on hiatus for a while, I have school work to do


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hey guys can you help me? our team fy-winner is making banners for yg family concert to support winner, do you have any good slogan in mind?


dancing machine hyung